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Nissan 370Z



4000 T3 Slot KP [ Nissan 370Z 08-> R ]

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Nissan 370Z

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SGD 573.00 

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SGD 573.00 

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S$80.00 and above

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Please take note that all brake lines are customised and replaced in our workshop in Singapore.


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Questions & Answers

Q: Why is it important to get my brakes inspected at the first sign of a symptom?

A: If you are hearing abnormal sounds, smelling foul odors emitting from your tires, feeling pulsations when you brake at high speeds or If any of these apply to your vehicle, make sure you get your brakes inspected before more expensive parts wear down due to metal–on–metal grinding.

The most common problem we find are rotors that are warped and damaged when worn out brake pads and shoes haven’t been replaced – ultimately shortening the life of healthy parts due to that metal–on–metal friction.

These are some of the sounds, smells and sensations that are trying to tell you to get your brakes checked:

  • Screeching, squealing, grinding and other awful braking sounds are the main symptoms warning you that your brake pads & shoes should be inspected right away. The sooner you stop in, the better your odds of addressing worn–down pads and shoes before they affect other more costly parts – resulting in more expensive repairs that could have possibly been avoided.
  • Vibration and pulsation traveling through your brake pedal and steering wheel. When you brake, are you shaking along with it? If this feeling applies to you, your brake system is giving you a pretty big hint to its worn–down condition. Driving with this problem cannot only warp your rotors from metal–on–metal friction, but it can also turn a small brake repair into a big and expensive repair. Stop in to Tires Plus as soon as possible if you notice this severe symptom.
  • Braking functions requiring more brake pedal pressure. If you notice you’re pressing your brake pedal farther than normal in order to stop your vehicle, you’ve entered the beginning stages – and one of the first signs — of brake pad wear. Although this symptom is not as common today as it was in the past, this should never go unchecked. Don’t press your luck — because the more you have to press down on your brake pedal, the closer your car is to an "I can’t brake" situation.
  • That foul, noxious smell coming from your tires is a cry for help. If you start noticing awful smells coming from your tires, do not drive your vehicle any further than to the nearest Tires Plus. Those nasty smells could have dangerous consequences if you delay inspection. The safe bet is to have our trained technicians perform a brake inspection to determine which part (or parts) of your braking system has been affected and in need of immediate repair.  
  • Your brake warning light is on. If this light appears, your best insurance against whatever triggered this warning is a visit to your nearest Tires Plus. We’ll perform a free brake inspection to make sure it’s not just a glitch in your computer system.

Q: Why use slotted rotors?

A: The slots in these rotors assist in the evacuation of brake dust, maintaining a clean friction surface between the pad and rotor. This maximises friction performance and eliminates pad glazing, a common cause for brake noise, poor braking performance and overheating.

Slotted rotors are highly recommended in applications where frequent braking or heavy loads are present as these applications typically produce more dust and debris than standard street vehicles and greatly benefit from the regular dust evacuation performed by the slots.

Q: What is the performance difference between DBA’s Slotted and Cross-drilled & Slotted rotors?

A: Research has shown the overall stopping power provided by the DBA Slotted and DBA Cross Drilled and Slotted rotors is remarkably similar. Because of their lighter weight and increased cooling, the DBA Cross Drilled and Slotted rotors recover more quickly and have the edge in situations where there is hard braking in short bursts.

The major advantage of DBA Slotted rotors is an ability to absorb and dissipate heat more evenly and to sustain higher temperatures for longer. That makes them particularly good for continuous heavy braking situations, such as driving down a mountain or when towing.

Q: Can you tell me the life expectancy of the rotors, brakes, pads, calipers, etc. you install?

A: Driving habits are the biggest factor when it comes to the life expectancy of your brake parts. The first and most important step to proper brake maintenance is having them checked out before problems worsen or develop.  
Never ignore a brake problem because they never get better on their own.

Q:Warranty and product returns  

A: For products purchased through our shop, you must go back to the shop and for products purchased over the internet, e-mail us with a description of your problem and we will decide if a warranty replacement is appropriate.  

We do not make cash refunds, our warranty is to replace with the same or better products to settle your claim. We try to be totally fair and honest with all consumers and respect your rights to have a product fit for purpose.

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